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Aims & Objectives

RSL Youth Clubs are an authorised body elected by RSL State Council to administer and control the RSL Youth Movement throughout NSW.

The aims and objectives are:

  • Assistance, guidance and advice to Youth Clubs on all phases of youth work and activities
  • To foster the establishment of RSL Youth Clubs throughout New South Wales
  • To constantly reappraise the general direction of the Youth Movement
  • To further improve sporting and cultural activities
  • To afford youth the opportunity of clean healthy recreation
  • For youth to observe the principles of good citizenship and the need for observance of laws
  • For youth to display good fellowship and sportsmanship in both social and competition sport
  • Development of loyalty of youth in all facets of community and private associations
  • Perpetuate the close friendship created by mutual service
  • To foster and promote the RSL Charter on Australian Youth as stipulated in the Regulations.

(Extract from RSL NSW - Youth Clubs website)

Code of Ethics

While I remain a member I shall keep my mind and body active.
I shall conduct myself in an orderly manner and treat other members as I would like to be treated myself.
I shall at all times take proper care of the furniture and property of the Club.
I shall respect the principles of good citizenship and encourage my associates to do likewise.
I shall endeavour to build friendships with my Club mates because friendship is one of the greatest assets that I can have and it is advantageous to my future welfare.
I shall follow my Club leaders and respect and obey my instructors.
I shall be loyal to my Club.
Finally, I shall remain loyal to my Queen and my country and love and respect my parents.

Contact Us

Postal address

The Secretary
Bass Hill RSL Sub-Branch Youth Club
PO Box 7019
Bass Hill  NSW 2197



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The Youth Club meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at Bass Hill RSL Club.

RSL NSW - Youth Club Code of Ethics

RSL NSW - Youth Club Regulations 2013