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The Bass Hill RSL Sub-Branch is an official sponsor of this marvellous memorial tribute to those people who fought so gallantly in New Guinea to stop the enemy invasion of Australia. Local schools are invited to apply to the Sub-Branch for their school to be included. The day is used to provide students with the realisation that if it had not been for the efforts of ourselves some years ago we would not be an English speaking country today.

Year six students are taken by bus from their school to the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway at Concord, NSW where they meet war veterans who have been trained to conduct students on a tour of “the track” explaining the history and events that made the Kokoda Track in New Guinea Australia’s NEMISES during the Second World War whilst fighting the Imperial Japanese Forces. Some say the fighting of our troops on the Kokoda Track can be compared to our Second World War Gallipoli.

After the children have toured “the walk” they are taken to the Nurses Museum at Concord Repatriation Hospital where they can view items of historical interest about our Service Nurses throughout the wars.

As the day is not just a jaunt but an educational tour.  For lunch, they are then fed a typically Australian barbequed sausage sandwich before being taken back to their school.  The children are so well behaved the same schools are invited back the next year.

Schools are asked to download the questionnaire where children are given a number of written questions which they are required to answer, helping to help reinforce the value of the excursion.

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Kokoda Memorial Track Walkway
Rhodes Park
Killoola Street
Concord West, NSW 2138

(02) 9767 8488

Before Attending the Memorial

The attending schools are requested to show the film "The Men Who Saved Australia" before the children attend the Memorial Walkway.

This film may be viewed below.

On returning to school we ask the questionnaire be completed by each attending student so teachers can assess each child's comprehension of the excursion.

Click here for the Primary School Student Questionnaire 

The Men Who Saved Australia